2020 – Chosen Charity

Chosen Charity for 2020

We proudly announce the Roll On In – Jindabyne Motorcycle Rally 2020 Charity: Careflight.

Did you know?


CareFlight’s helicopter relies on the support of the community. Help CareFlight reach Australians when their lives hang in the balance by donating today.


CareFlight also have a MediSim program which provides training to first responders using real incidents as examples. This training program is funded by CareFlight as a charitable activity intended to help first responders save lives. It’s offered as a free course but depends on donations from individuals or businesses to continue.


The person that stopped and helped save my life on that day had actually completed the MediSim course with CareFlight. It was this training that put me in a position to be here today to talk about and help raise awareness of the amazing work CareFlight do and the effectiveness the MediSim training program has in situ when needed.



Almost 700 days ago whilst out on our motorcycles, my husband and I were heading home after another awesome day of riding through the central coast. We take the long way because we like it that way. Winding, long stretches of roads, the sun on our backs, wind in our face and then, unfortunately, we found ourselves in the wrong place at the wrong time.

A distracted driver coming in the opposite direction didn’t take the bend in the road and hit me head-on, causing severe injuries to my entire body and more specifically to my right leg. All while my husband watched on from his bike behind me. 

As I recover from my tenth surgery I reflect on the decisions made by so many on that day and how they have affected my life. 

In all of the chaos, it turned out that we were very fortunate to have met three amazing humans (now friends) that chose to stop and help save my life, allowing emergency services and Careflight to do what they needed to do to get me to hospital. We are forever grateful for them and humbled by their dedication and commitment to helping those in need. 

If not for the CareFlight service being available to me the outcome may have been very different. So, it wasn’t difficult when choosing a charity for the Roll On In – Jindabyne Motorcycle Rally 13 – 15 March 2020. We hope to raise funds so that if one day you too need their help, they’re there for you just as they were for me.

Please help us support this amazing charity through collection tins during the event.

Thank you

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